Q. The synthesis of alkyl fluorides is best accomplished by


Alkyl fluorides can be prepared by action of mercurous fluoride or antimony trifluorides (inorganic fluorides) on corresponding alkyl halide. This reaction is known as Swarts reaction. $CH_3 Br +AgF \rightarrow \, \, \, _{Methyl \, fluoride}^{CH_3F}+AgBr$ But, when aciton of Nal/acetone takes place on alkyl chloride of bromide alkyl iodide forms. This reaction is called -Finkelstein reaction- $C_2H_2 CI \xrightarrow[acetone]{Nat} C_2H_5I +NaCI$ Free redical fluorination is highly explosive reaction, so not preferred for the preparation of fluoride.

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