Q. A mixture of NaCl and K2Cr2O7 is heated with conc. H2SO4, deep red vapours and formed. Which of the following statement is false?


Chromyl chloride test:
$4cl^{-}\left(s\right)+cr_{2}o_{7}^{2-}\left(s\right)+6H^{+}\left(conc.\right) \to2CrO_{2}cl_{2} \left(deep\, red \,vapours\right)+3H_{2}O$
When deep red vapours are passed into sodium hydroxide solution, a yellow solution of sodium chromate is formed, which when treated with lead acetate gives yellow precipitate of lead chromate.
$CrO_{2}Cl_{2}+4OH^{-} \to CrO_{4}^{2-}+2cl^{-}+2H_{2}O$
$CrO_{4}^{2-}+Pb^{+2}\to PbCrO_{4} ↓ \left(yellow\right)$

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