Biology Questions

2. $\ldots\ldots\ldots\ldots$ of Cinchona plant produces quinine ?

Manipur 2009 Biodiversity and Conservation

3. The study of tissue is known as

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2010 Structural Organisation in Animals

4. The chromosmal condition of Down's syndrome is

COMEDK 2012 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

6. Which one of the following is surface feeder ?

Maharashtra CET 2010 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

8. Ribosomes are produced in

AIPMT 2002 Cell : The Unit of Life

10. Stomata on the surface of the leaf open by :

KCET 2012 Transport in Plants

13. Which one of the following is a wrong statement

AIPMT 2012 Environmental Issues

15. Fernandez Moran particles are seen in

Odisha JEE 2012 Cell : The Unit of Life

16. The karyotype of the Klinefelter's syndrome patient is

COMEDK 2009 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

17. An example of feed-back inhibition is

KEAM 2008 Biomolecules

18. Single-celled eukaryotes are included in

AIPMT 2010 Biological Classification

19. Sarcoma is cancer of

Odisha JEE 2013 Human Health and Disease

21. The shade tolerant plants are known as

KEAM 2009 Organisms and Populations

22. Cardiac muscle is found in

Odisha JEE 2011 Body Fluids and Circulation

25. Mast cells of connective tissue contain

AIPMT 2004 Structural Organisation in Animals

26. What is true for monoclonal antibodies : -

AIPMT 2001 Biotechnology and its Applications

29. Agarose extracted from sea weeds finds used in

AIPMT 2011 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

30. Number of meiotic divisions required to produce 200/400 seeds of pea would be

AIPMT 1993 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants