Biology Questions

1. Flowers are unisexual in

AIPMT 2015 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

3. Pneumatic bone is found in

AIPMT 1996 Animal Kingdom

4. Aqueduct of Sylvius is found between

COMEDK 2007 Neural Control and Coordination

5. Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?

COMEDK 2010 Environmental Issues

6. The part which is grafting on stalk of another tree is called

Haryana PMT 2005 Reproduction in Organisms

7. The scientific name of Peacock is

Odisha JEE 2008 Animal Kingdom

8. The alveolar epithelium in the lungs

AIPMT 1990 Breathing and Exchange of Gases

10. Which is correct about transport of conduction of substances?

AIPMT 1991 Anatomy of Flowering Plants

13. The lac operon consists of

AIPMT 2010 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

14. Contractile vacuole is absent in

AFMC 2004 Biological Classification

18. A major characteristic of monocot root is the presence of

AIPMT 2015 Anatomy of Flowering Plants

22. Sea weeds are important source of

AFMC 2004 Plant Kingdom

24. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant?

AIPMT 1999 Environmental Issues

26. Schleiden and Schwann proposed

J & K CET 2004 Cell : The Unit of Life

28. Enzymes are not found in

AIPMT 2000 Biomolecules

29. The respiratory centre in the brain is located in

JIPMER 2012 Neural Control and Coordination

30. Introduction of food plants developed by genetic engineering is not desirable because -

AIPMT 2002 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes