Biology Questions

1. Cyclic photophosphorylation results in the formation of

AIPMT 2009 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

4. A nucleosome is a portion of the chromonema containing_______

KCET 2005 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

5. Enzymes with two sites are called

AIIMS 1995 Biomolecules

6. Stirred-tank bioreactors have been designed for

NEET 2016 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

7. Restriction endonucleases are

AIPMT 1998 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

9. Domestic waste constitutes

AIPMT 1991 Environmental Issues

10. DNA contains nitrogen bases

AFMC 2010 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

11. Reflex action is controlled by

KEAM 2005 Neural Control and Coordination

12. Select the wrong statement

KEAM 2007 Biomolecules

13. Genome represents total genes found in

Maharashtra CET 2009 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

14. Which of the following pairs is correct ?

BHU 2008 Animal Kingdom

20. Homo sapiens areĀ·

COMEDK 2006 Animal Kingdom

24. The enzyme reverse transcriptase is

Odisha JEE 2010 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

26. Root system of which of the following reaches the water table

Gujarat CET 2009 Organisms and Populations

30. Which of the following is biologically the most resistant plant material ?

BHU 2008 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants