Biology Questions

2. Antiviral particles are

WBJEE 2007 Human Health and Disease

5. Which is not a cause of male infertility

COMEDK 2012 Reproductive Health

6. Cell fragments of megakaryocytes yield

Maharashtra CET 2008 Body Fluids and Circulation

7. Plants are killed in winter by frost because

JIPMER 2010 Transport in Plants

8. Absorptive heterotrophic nutrition is exhibited by

AIPMT 1990 Biological Classification

10. The hormone which regulates the basal metabolism in our body is secreted from

AIPMT 1998 Chemical Coordination and Integration

11. Inflorescence found in grasses and sedges is

Odisha JEE 2012 Morphology of Flowering Plants

12. The generic name of Mango is

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2011 Diversity In The Living World

13. Maize hybrids have been developed for higher amountof

AMU 2010 Biotechnology and its Applications

14. Praying mantis is a good example of

AIPMT 2006 Evolution

15. Degeneration of a genetic code is attributed to the

AIPMT 2003 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

17. Dorsal root of spinal nerve contains the fibres of

COMEDK 2009 Neural Control and Coordination

18. Tegmen develops from

AIPMT 1990 Morphology of Flowering Plants

20. Which of the following is a polysaccharide ?

WBJEE 2007 Biomolecules

21. Parotid glands are located below

Manipur 2009 Digestion and Absorption

22. Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are

AIPMT 1998 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

26. An improved variety of transgenic basmati rice

AIPMT 2010 Biotechnology and its Applications

27. Which one of the following statements is correct?

AIPMT 2006 Chemical Coordination and Integration

29. In which stage of meiosis crossing over takes place ?

Odisha JEE 2009 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

30. The infection of Entamoeba takes place by

BHU 2007 Human Health and Disease