Biology Questions

2. The cockroach is ..........

COMEDK 2010 Structural Organisation in Animals

3. During mitosis, ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at

AIPMT 2010 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

4. Necturus is

AIPMT 1988 Animal Kingdom

5. Inheriatance of skin colour in human is an example of

AIPMT 2007 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

6. Fat is present in large quantity in the tissue of which of the following ?

WBJEE 2007 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

7. Madhunashini is the popular name for ............... plant

COMEDK 2006 Morphology of Flowering Plants

9. The famous botanical garden of Kew is located in

AMU 2009 Diversity In The Living World

11. The sphincter of Oddi found in man guards the

DPMT 2011 Digestion and Absorption

13. In a somatic cell cycle, DNA synthesis takes place in

AIPMT 1994 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

17. Rhabditiform larva occurs in

Bihar CECE 2004 Human Health and Disease

19. Bacteria that use chemical energy to fix CO2 are known as

Odisha JEE 2010 Biological Classification

21. Bartholin's glands are situated

AIPMT 2003 Human Reproduction

22. Which of the following is pollinated by water ?

KEAM 2010 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

24. Which of the following is a respiratory disease ?

BHU 2008 Breathing and Exchange of Gases

25. In a test tube baby, a surrogate mother fulfills

COMEDK 2006 Reproductive Health

26. Spermatids are transformed into spermatozoa by

KEAM 2008 Human Reproduction

27. All triploblastic animals have primarily

Odisha JEE 2006 Animal Kingdom

29. Single-celled eukaryotes are included in

AIPMT 2010 Biological Classification