Biology Questions

1. Ozone hole results in

BHU 2007 Environmental Issues

4. Urinary bladder opens to exterior through

Odisha JEE 2012 Excretory Products and their Elimination

5. Plants growing in dry habitat are

Bihar CECE 2004 Organisms and Populations

6. An acromian process is characteristically found in the

AIPMT 2005 Locomotion and Movement

7. Protein of silk fibre is

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2012 Biomolecules

9. Identify the given diagram of tissue performing secretion and absorption -

AIIMS 2019 Structural Organisation in Animals

10. Antiviral particles are

WBJEE 2007 Human Health and Disease

12. Filariasis is also called elephantiasis because

Odisha JEE 2011 Human Health and Disease

13. Absorptive heterotrophic nutrition is exhibited by

AIPMT 1990 Biological Classification

14. The application of biotechnology includes all except

Haryana PMT 2001 Biotechnology and its Applications

15. The success of mammals on earth is largely because;

KCET 2014 Organisms and Populations

16. In the DNA molecule

AIPMT 2008 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

18. One gene-one enzyme relationship was established for the first time in:

JIPMER 2011 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

20. Which of the following is 10th cranial nerve ?

MGIMS Wardha 2005 Neural Control and Coordination

22. Jumping genes in Maize was discovered by

BHU 2007 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

23. To confirm ELISA for AIDS we use

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2007 Human Health and Disease

24. Which one of these was a flying dinosaur?

KEAM 2012 Animal Kingdom

25. Red cell count is carried out by

WBJEE 2010 Body Fluids and Circulation

27. The abundance of a species population, within its habitat, is called

AIPMT 1995 Biodiversity and Conservation

29. Molecular scissor/genetic scalpel is

UP CPMT 2009 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes