Biology Questions

1. Sympathetic nerves arise from

CPMT/UPCPMT 2010 Neural Control and Coordination

3. Silk is produced by

AIPMT 1994 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

4. Monoclonal antibodies are produced from which type of cells ?

COMEDK 2013 Biotechnology and its Applications

5. The distal part of the stomach that opens into duodenum is called

Odisha JEE 2010 Digestion and Absorption

8. Which one is called "Fungi Imperfecti"

AFMC 2012 Biological Classification

9. The process of formation of blood corpuscles Is called

AFMC 2005 Structural Organisation in Animals

10. Deposition of cholesterol in walls of arteries is

Maharashtra CET 2010 Body Fluids and Circulation

11. In pea, castor seed and maize the number of cotyledons are

J & K CET 2004 Morphology of Flowering Plants

13. Stomata close in response to

Odisha JEE 2005 Transport in Plants

15. Which one of the following is the unique feature of angiosperms?

COMEDK 2014 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

16. Collenchyma occurs is

AIPMT 1990 Anatomy of Flowering Plants

17. Pathway of Calvin cycle was discovered by using an isotope of

COMEDK 2005 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

19. Homologous organs have

AFMC 2010 Evolution

20. Kupffer cells are present in

CPMT/UPCPMT 2008 Digestion and Absorption

21. Which of these is a dominant factor ?

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2007 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

22. Agar agar is produced by

Odisha JEE 2007 Plant Kingdom

23. Which of the following contains algae ?

BHU 2005 Plant Kingdom

27. Menstruation is due to sudden

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2009 Human Reproduction

29. Barr body is missing in the female suffering from

AIIMS 2015 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

30. One of these is associated with terminator codon ?

COMEDK 2011 Molecular Basis of Inheritance