Biology Questions

1. Acidic pH of muscles is due to -

AIIMS 2019 Locomotion and Movement

2. The pyruvic acid is formed during

BHU 2007 Respiration in Plants

3. Wildlife Protection Act India was implemented in the year

WBJEE 2015 Biodiversity and Conservation

5. Which one of the following statements is correct ?

NEET 2013 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

6. The entry of food into the larynx is prevented by

KEAM 2015 Breathing and Exchange of Gases

7. In the lac operon, the structural genes are switchedoff when

KEAM 2005 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

8. In the circulatory system of Pheretima, a, b, c and d represents

KEAM 2015 Structural Organisation in Animals

10. Plasmodium, the malarial parasite, belongs to class

AIPMT 1990 Biological Classification

11. Division of cytoplasm after completion of nuclear division is called

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2012 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

12. The agents which are known to cause CJD are

KCET 2009 Biological Classification

13. Male gametophyte of angiosperms/monocots is

AIPMT 1990 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

15. Chromosomes in a bacterial cell can be 1 - 3 in number and

AIPMT 2003 Biological Classification

19. Cholesterol is a

Odisha JEE 2008 Biomolecules

21. Germplasm conservation at liquid N2 temperature is

Odisha JEE 2006 Biodiversity and Conservation

22. Embryo sac represents

Rajasthan PMT 2006 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

23. "Evil Quartiet" is related with

Himachal Pradesh PMT 2010 Biodiversity and Conservation

25. An example for poisonous mushroom is

COMEDK 2005 Biological Classification

26. Phenetic classification of organisms is based on

JIPMER 2013 Biological Classification

28. Heterosis is referred to as the phenomenon of attainment of

Odisha JEE 2007 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

29. The restriction enzymes are also called

CHD CET 2009 Biotechnology : Principles and Processes