Physics Most Viewed Questions

1. If C and R denote capacitance and resistance, the dimensional formula of CR is

AIPMT 1988 Physical World, Units and Measurements

Mathematics Most Viewed Questions

7. The largest interval for which $ x^{12} - x^9 + x^4 - x + 1 > 0 $ is

IIT JEE 1982 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Biology Most Viewed Questions

1. Praying mantis is a good example of

AIPMT 2006 Evolution

2. Mango juice is obtained from

AIPMT 1989 Morphology of Flowering Plants

3. Venous heart is found in

Odisha JEE 2012 Animal Kingdom

4. Winged pollen grains develop in

Madhya Pradesh PMT 2012 Plant Kingdom

5. Static concept of species was put forward by

AIPMT 1988 Diversity In The Living World

6. Edible part of banana

AIPMT 2001 Morphology of Flowering Plants

7. The respiratory pigment present in Cockroach is

Odisha JEE 2010 Structural Organisation in Animals

8. Hair found in the inflorescence of Zea mays are the modification of

AIPMT 2000 Morphology of Flowering Plants

9. The edible part of the fruit of apple is

KCET 2013 Morphology of Flowering Plants

10. Haemocoel is found in

Odisha JEE 2007 Animal Kingdom