Physics Most Viewed Questions

10. The spectrum of an oil flame is an example for ...........

KCET 2010 Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter

Mathematics Most Viewed Questions

Biology Most Viewed Questions

1. Fluoride pollution mainly affects

AIPMT 2003 Environmental Issues

2. The edible part of the fruit of apple is

KCET 2013 Morphology of Flowering Plants

3. Edible part of banana

AIPMT 2001 Morphology of Flowering Plants

4. Venous heart is found in

Odisha JEE 2012 Animal Kingdom

5. The endosperm of gymnosperm is

AIPMT 1999 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

6. The largest herbarium in India is located in

Odisha JEE 2009 Diversity In The Living World

7. Which one holds corona radiata ?

Maharashtra CET 2007 Human Reproduction

8. Meiosis in Dryopteris takes place during

JIPMER 2010 Plant Kingdom

9. Root cap is absent in

Haryana PMT 2007 Morphology of Flowering Plants

10. DNA is composed of repeating units of

AIPMT 1991 Biomolecules