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Your weakness is your strength, convert using our indepth advanced analytics


Tardigrade offers a list of following features


A quick study material which comprises of formulae, theorems & definitions etc. Which helps while solving problems during practice and test.


Access any chapter from the textbooks anywhere prescribed by CBSE board and prepared by NCERT.


Practice always makes you perfect. Keep practising questions of different difficulty levels at your own pace.


Experience the feel of online entrance exams with Tardigrade tests, which will reflect your preparation level & boost your confidence.


Discover your strengths and weaknesses with our in depth analytics, where you get subject and chapter wise analysis of your performance.

Previous Year Papers

Take test and practice 10+ years of question papers which will give you insights about the exam pattern and level of difficulty.


Leaderboard is designed to know where you stand, among your competitors and motivates you to improve your performance.


Bookmark important questions and materials while learning & practising, which can be accessed later with a single click.


Tardigrade will provide updated information regarding all the exams such as application form, important dates, counselling and more.


Dashboard is an index for all your activities, it shows all important information on your performance.

What is a TARDIGRADE®?

Lets know some unbelievable facts about the virtually indestructible, toughest creature on earth.

Older than Dinosaurs

Scientists estimate that tardigrades have been around for 600 million years and Dinosaurs first appeared about 230 million years ago

No Food & Water

Tardigrades can survive up to 30 years without water and food. With the help of dehydrated state it can lose up to 99 per cent of its water content.

Extreme Heat

Survival instinct is very high, they can with stand to solar winds, live through being boiled in alcohol, heated to temperatures over +300˚F (150˚ C)

Vacuum of the Space

Except the Tardigrade, no living creatures has survived in the vacuum of the space without protection. It was tested out In 2007 by the European Space Agency.

High Radiation

Tardigrades can withstand 1,000 times more radiation, median lethal doses of gamma rays and heavy ions than other animals

Frozen & Defrosted

A team of scientists from Japan defrosted and successfully revived the tardigrades that had been frozen for 30 years

Intense Pressure

Tardigrade species withstand pressure of 6,000 times atmospheric pressure and 6 times the pressure of earth deepest ocean the Mariana Trench

Self-Repairing DNA

Tardigrades can repair their damaged DNA with the help of a protein called "dsup" after being exposed to heavy radiation

Happy Users

What our users saying about us

Ansiya Prasad
Ansiya Prasad

Preparing for KCET, COMEDK, NEET & AIIMS

Tardigrade materials and textbooks helped me to learn anywhere and any time. each and every practise and test contain detailed analytics which tells where i am doing mistakes and needs to improve.

>Mahesh V
Mahesh V

12th Standard, preparing for KCET & NEET

Analytics is my favourite in Tardigrade. It helps in identifying my strength and weak areas in each chapter and subject. Now, im concentrating more on my weak areas. Thanks to Tardigrade.

Radha P
Radha P

Preparing for BITSAT, VITEEE and JEE Main

I have been using Tardigrade from few months and my experience is simply amazing. I like leaderboard which gives me subjectwise and chapterwise ranking for every week and every month

Nikhil Kumar C R
Nikhil Kumar C R

11th Standard

Tardigrade materials and textbooks helped me to learn better. I used bookmarks to save difficulty and tricky questions for solving later during online tests and practise

K Karthik
K Karthik

12th Standard, preparing for JEE & KCET

I love Tardigrade, because it is simple, effective and easy to use. Their advanced analytics and adaptive learning helps me to improve in time management and build effective strategy to crack my exams.